20 May 2009

Dani's Top 6 Favourite Prime Time (non-soap) T.V. Theme Songs: 80's Edition

I feel a special affection towards my auntie television. It babysat me when I was a kid. No matter what mood I am it, it has a story for me. It was an avenue in which I could explore my hobbies. It opens a world that I can dream of (thank-you travel channel).

So it comes as no surprise that I love t.v. theme songs. Like pavlov's dog, all I need to hear are the first few notes of some programs and I come running.

However, there are some that stand out more than others. I have no criteria other than happy memory to guide my choices. So sit back, relax, dream of days of synthesised music...and enjoy.

#5- Taxi Theme Song.
I loved this show as a kid. I only had about 4 channels so this was an afternoon institution. It's dorky in the retarded younger brother kind of way.

#4- Hill Street Blues
I didn't necessarily appreciate the show when I was a kid as much as I do now, but my parents (my stepdad) used to watch this show every week. It's kind of sad...but it's also equally sad that I don't have a cop to hump on weekly basis, so meh.

This was the coolest show ever and had a kick ass theme song to boot. Plus he was hot.

#2 Degrassi Junior High

This was a bonafied Canadian Institution. I do not know one person who could not recite the lyrics....very angsty.

Tied for first- Dukes of Hazzard
I sooooo wanted to be Daisy Duke. This appeals to my inner white trash.

#1 - MacGyver.
All good things can be solved by McGyver. Thus, this song is cool.

While I realize that there are far better shows and far better theme songs...tough titty. This is my blog. Plus, I have the top 80's soap songs pending...haha.

11 May 2009

Creative dry spells and random ramblings.

Have you ever just sat there and could not think of anything to write about, despite having a list of awesome ideas in the back of your head? Or you have this awesome idea, but cannot articulate yourself for the life of you?

That is me right now. If you only knew all of the awesome things floating in ye olde noggin right now...but I just don't have the energy/stamina/thought process to take the idea and expand it beyond a few sentences.

I could write about my idea half-assed. Or I could just save them until later. Which I will do because nothing is worse than a great idea posted blandly. But here are some random stuff anyways just to tantilize my fellow 4 readers with the possibility of something exciting down the pipe.

1) *inside joke moment that only two other's will get* : I think that Pantless Jones and Shirtless Jones needs to have a long lost African-American cousin/brother(played by that hot guy that is dating the chick from The View). He can be "Wet T-Shirt Jones". Junior...this is a huge plot twist idea that you could totally work into the story. Maybe he is the "mysterious man"....

2) The Biggest Loser is having their finale this week. I will blog more about this later (as I have so many things to say since my last post, and I am already sad about the idea of a few months without Bob Harper)....but needless to say, I am stoked. I so want either Tara or Mike to win. It is on Tuesday and I can't wait to see all the transformations.

3) Speaking of weightloss, I have a bet with my friend on who can loose the most weight in a 10 week period. Since there is cash on the line, I have to get my ass in gear and get serious now!!!

4) I'm becoming a Lector at my church. I am very excited as they are coming out with the new readings at the end of Pentecost. I hope I sound as good as I think I do. LOL.

5) Speakin of church....ashamed to admit this...but a certain Deacon's son is very hot. Like smoking hot. I'm going to hell for impure thoughts about the Deacon's son. LOLZ.

6) I need a new bra. But why do bra's for big chested woman come in the form of a military issued underwire? They can poke eyes out!\

7) So far, my book tally is nilch. But I still love being Canadian and I want to post more about this soon!

Cheers all!