12 July 2009

My field of dreams and the discovery of my love for baseball.

Last night Steve, Joanne & I went to the Edmonton Capitals Baseball game. For $16.00, we got a ticket, parking, a hot dog, a BOTTLED Pepsi (not fountain), three 50/50 tickets & free popcorn while we watched The Sandlot right on the field. I don't care who you are, that them there is cheap entertainment for a Saturday night.

Now up until last night, Steve has been slowly indoctrinating me into baseball. It started off with casual mentions. Then it moved onto full out discussions. Then he ever so subtly leant me Baseball for Dani Dummies.

And I knew he rolled his eyes everytime the word "that baseball player is hot" was muttered.

Prior to last night, baseball was one of those games we went to, usually with the winning of free tickets and nothing better to do. And I would go, and watch only knowing what a strike, ball and home run were. And I would focus most of my energies on hot baseball players and their asses.

And while I still enjoy the 'rear view' as it were, I have a new found love for the game. How so do you ask? What is the secret to getting into baseball?

I have two words for you: Stat Recording.

It literally changed my life. After the initial consulation ("Count with me ...1..2..3..4...5...6...7...8..9. No, the left fielder is 7, not 8...the other 7..... that's a 6-4-3....no, having a nice ass does not mean he's a good hitter....that's a fly ball...because it flys in the air is why it's called a fly ball...fill your diamond out properly....because his last name is Flowers so he will be mocked..") , I got right into the game.

When forced to pay attention, you really start to appreciate the nuance and stragegy of the game.

So with my Edmonton Capitals hoodie propped as a table, my hat on my head to protect me from the glare of the sun, my pen poised and ready to record...I became an avid fan of baseball. To cap off the perfect night, we got to stroll on the soft grasses of John Ducey Park & watch a movie.

So I challenge all my readers (ok...well my 3 regular readers and the odd straggler that accidently clicks on this blog), go embrace America's Favorite Past Time. Go to your local league, nosh on a hot dog, and cheer on your local team.


The Homefront said...

I really should do that...we have a minor league team and my friend is on a church softball team. I really have no excuse not to enjoy the national pastime! ;)

Sounds like y'all had a great evening, Dani.

Jo said...

(NOTE: This is Jo... it still won't let me comment as me...)

I'm so proud of you for continuing the stat recording throughout the game! Well done.

The only thing that would have made Saturday any better is if the obnoxious woman behind us hadn't won the 50:50 draw.

Oh, and if the Capitals had actually won the game of course, lol.


Jo said...

PPS - Kudos for inserting a Mets photo.... hehehe

Dani said...

Any, and I mean any opportunity to include even a mere hint of David Wright's ass, and I'm all over it.

That being said, i have a completely seperate post on stadium behaviour pending. LOL.

ayumi said...

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