19 August 2009

Hump-day Hunk: Alexander Skarsgaard.

New feature alert: Hump-day Hunk...where I get to post a pic of a guy I find hot to tide us over to the weekend.

It should come as no surprise that my first featured hunk is Alexander Skargaard, also known as the very d'lish Eric Northman on HBO's True Blood. Of course, I am only feeding into my obsession. But it's my blog and if I can't live out my slightly stalkerish fantasies here, where praytell can I have them?

Btw..the spelling of his name is all Swedish like with a fancy dot over the O. It's very sexy to read, but sadly, my computer is not set up to recognize the subtle nuances of the Sweedish language.

Here is a picture of him to kind of show just how tall he is at 6'4...and how nice his body is. Mmmm.


Ok..now I will direct your eyes to the vulnerable side of Alexander Skaarsgard.

Don't worry Eric/Alex...I will comfort you.

Finally, what is a hump-day worthy blog without a video? This video reminds me that he is saucy and his character is a blood-thirsty vampire. Now I don't want to get all fangirl on y'all. But the line for me is very blurred between my love of the actor and my love of the character. I seriously need an intervention after this clip.

So...do you all approve of my hump-day hunk, Alexander Skargaard? Will this satisfy you until the weekend? And I am also open to hump-day hunk suggestions for future drooling hump-day hunk posts, so leave your request in the comments section.

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Love the new Wednesday theme!!

Though I've never seen True Blood, I did YouTube the theme song... and I like it! Jace's voice is sultry.

As for future Hump Day picks...... there are so many, but right now I'm lovin' me some John Corbett.

*Sigh* John Corbett.