19 August 2009

Hump-day Hunk: Alexander Skarsgaard.

New feature alert: Hump-day Hunk...where I get to post a pic of a guy I find hot to tide us over to the weekend.

It should come as no surprise that my first featured hunk is Alexander Skargaard, also known as the very d'lish Eric Northman on HBO's True Blood. Of course, I am only feeding into my obsession. But it's my blog and if I can't live out my slightly stalkerish fantasies here, where praytell can I have them?

Btw..the spelling of his name is all Swedish like with a fancy dot over the O. It's very sexy to read, but sadly, my computer is not set up to recognize the subtle nuances of the Sweedish language.

Here is a picture of him to kind of show just how tall he is at 6'4...and how nice his body is. Mmmm.


Ok..now I will direct your eyes to the vulnerable side of Alexander Skaarsgard.

Don't worry Eric/Alex...I will comfort you.

Finally, what is a hump-day worthy blog without a video? This video reminds me that he is saucy and his character is a blood-thirsty vampire. Now I don't want to get all fangirl on y'all. But the line for me is very blurred between my love of the actor and my love of the character. I seriously need an intervention after this clip.

So...do you all approve of my hump-day hunk, Alexander Skargaard? Will this satisfy you until the weekend? And I am also open to hump-day hunk suggestions for future drooling hump-day hunk posts, so leave your request in the comments section.

18 August 2009

I'm officially a Fang-Banger: Step One is admitting I have a problem.

I want to pretend that I'm just this normal, everyday, average girl who goes about life in a serious & responsible manner. (*I can hear my friends laughing at that statement already*).

I want to pretend that I don't get madly...deeply...obsessed by a T.V. show and turn into this 14 year old fangrrl with vivid fantasies. (*Again, I can hear my friends lying over this blatent lie*).

But I must confess. I am insanely obsessed with the brilliant HBO Series True Blood.

I suspected as much when I went to my aunts house and spent two solid days watching Season One on D.V.D. What makes this story even sadder is that I booked a hair appointment as an excuse to go to my aunt's place to watch it and TOOK THE DAY OFF WORK under the pretense of a hair cut. I did have the hair cut btw. But that was after we watched the series from 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday until 5:00 a.m. on Thursday watching the show.

So how do I know I am officially a Fang-Banger? Let us examine the symptoms.

  • Downloading the theme song "Bad Things" by Jace Everett after doing a CD store run to see if I could buy it.

  • Buying Book One and Two of the "Sookie Stackhouse Books" by Charlaine Harris but only with the HBO Covers.

  • Renting the rest of the books out from the library

  • Rewatching my favourite Eric/Bill/Sookie scenes on the weekend

  • Madly e-mailing everyone under the sun, or discussing it with everyone under the sun, about the show.

  • A newfound interest in Civil War History (which if you watch the show you will understand why).....and watching the Ken Burns Civil War Documenatary on PBS

  • Adding Sweden to your must travel list (after you visit Louisiana of course).

  • Reading every blog on-line and adding input to the "Twilight vs True Blood" debates (which there is no debate...it's True Blood all the way).

  • Leaving a Bridal Shower early so that you can go to your aunts to watch the latest episode of True Blood (and getting your aunt to drive into town to pick you up).

  • Alternating between sighing and crying over the latest episode of True Blood.

  • Spending your work days on You Tube watching episode clips and fan-tributes.

  • Wondering what synthetic true blood tastes like. Wondering if we can buy it...lol.

  • Rescheduling your time off so you can watch the next episode.

  • Look into adding HBO to your tv just for the one show.

  • Picking sides in the Eric vs Bill debates. (*Squeee...Eric).

I have it bad my friends. I have many other symptoms that I don't want to admit to. Let's just say that I will probably need an intervention after this season is over.

So I will leave you with this tribute video to watch. It's fantastic!!!... (and yes...before you ask...I did also request the Thriving Ivories from my library...sigh).

7 August 2009

Breaking News!!!!

So I suspected something was amiss when this week. I was either putting on a hoodie with my capris and I found myself deciding if I should wear jeans or capris.

Then I started noticing a subtle crispness to the morning air. There was a different scent.

Then as I was on my afternoon walk, I noticed a subtle change in the colour of the leaves in my back yard from a dark green to to a lighter green.

Then I saw it.

Then I knew my suspicions were confirmed.

I saw....

A LEAF ON THE GROUND!!!!!!! *insert ominous duh duh duh duuuuuh music*.

Autumn is officially here!

6 August 2009

Catholic Guilt and Dealing With A Dilemma

So every once in a while, I stumble upon a crossroads in my life in which I am faced with a great moral dilemma. Most of the time, I would carefully and painfully consider other people's thoughts & needs above my own while meagerly attempting to put my needs at the front. And more often than not I would buckle & cave in to the needs of others. As the picture above states..."I have compromised almost every major decision in my life because of other people". I can promise you that I strive for the "this one's for ME" part. I truly do. But it's never that easy. I don't want to be "that person" who does "that thing". And the few times I truly did put myself first in the most selfish way possible, It was way more trouble then it was worth.

Then I got baptised into the Catholic Faith. And I thought I was plagued with guilt before?!?

There is nothing and I repeat NOTHING that can get my panties in a bunch more than Catholic Guilt. Catholic Guilt is something entirely different then regular old guilt, or even other religious guilt. This guilt slices at the raw nerve. And I don't know if I should use the word guilt so much as I should use the words "sin association disorder".

I have a serious case of SAD going on because of a particular issue where I have to weigh out the unreasonable wants of others with my own needs but I am in a precarious situation where my options are few and my stress is high.

Just to be clear, there is nothing in our faith that says that I have to feel guilty. However, it's a natural byproduct I suppose of trying to live a God centered life. Not a "beat your head down with religious" life. But just a simple "obey the commandments and treat others well" life. The need to be closer to God and to live a better life will often put me at odds with the desire to have " this one is for me" moments.

On the other hand, how can I truly be a better person if I am always putting myself last? The strive for balance between the wants of others and the needs of myself shouldn't mean that I always put others wants before my own needs. I'm sure that God doesn't truly want me to be digging from the trenches, fostering deep resentment of others because I "love they neighbour". I don't recall reading "love thy neighbour at the expense of yourself" written anywhere in the BIble.

Oh oh. I just had an epiphany moment while I was typing. I just realized something.....If I live a life where I either put my life first or the lives of others first, where and when and how does God fit in? I just realized that living my life at either extreme means that I'm not living the best life I can, and if I don't do that, then I'll never have "this one's for me" moments.

It's like trying to stuff a VW Beetle with people. Stuff too many and you don't have room for one more. Close the door and lock the windows, and no one can get in and you sit there all alone.

So. Am I any closer to solving my dilemma and finding a state of equilibrium? Nope.