3 May 2013

Friday's Top Five - Pinterest Ideas I'd like to try

I am not crafty. I suck. I can't even make a macaroni-owl without it looking like it flew on the short-bus. I'm also sort of lazy and imperialist in my view of crafty things...why make when I can buy? I am also not addicted to Pinterest like 3/4 of my female friends.

Joane: "let's do a blog about five Pinterest items we would like to try." 
Me: "Sure."
Me to self: "Crap, I guess that means I should probably look at Pinterest and see what my hypothetical crafty-self would hypothetically like to do."

2 hours later....
Me to self: "Are these women in la-la land? I call bullshit that anything pinned here is possible."

3 hours later...
Me to self: "Oooh, that's totally neat."

4 hours later...
Me to self: "Oh, I can do that. I can SO do that!"

So without further ado, here are the five things I'd like to try...because I can totally do this and my project will look exactly the same, right?

5) Summer Workout Lists

Oh, I am so going to Jane Fonda my ass this summer. Just you wait and see. I don't really know what an oblique twist is. Is that like some type of cocktail? Workout while drinking? Don't mind if I do...

4) Boozy Popsicle thingy

Margarita Popsicles? WIN! Never mind the fact that I can't even cut a lime to look like that, or that I don't technically own any popsicle sticks. Minor details.

2) Individual homemade Jell-o fruit snacks

These little bastards are pricey, so I would save us money too! And they will look EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

2) Nifty patio lanterns and planters

Isn't that romantic and beautiful? I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a candle-lit lantern in my ghetto neighbourhood? And of course, since Edmonton is a summer climate, I can enjoy this for a long time. And it doesn't appear that this project will attract moths and mosquito's like my light porch does. I am so doing this.

1) Hair styles.

Although I have absolutely no hair talent, my hair right now is thin, frizzy and grey. There is no way I can fix this right? Challenge accepted! If I follow the handy step-by-step tips, I can totally look like the above.

So mosey over to Joanne's blog to check out what she is is going to try. If When I do the above, I will let you know the results!