15 October 2013

Friday's Top Five: Favourite Places to Visit in Edmonton

Source: thelocalgood.ca

Hello faithful readers of five,

I am a few blogs late. This should have been published on October 4th. My life was crazy busy, especially at work. And stressful. And kind of shitty. That's how it goes sometimes. Which is why this post is particularly apt.

When I need to get away from it all, but travelling out of the city is not an option, then here are some really great gems that I visit in Edmonton. They are only a small list of the fabulous places to visit, and some places have either been left off (since the list is 5, not 50)....or combined for similarity.

5) 124th Street

Source: avenueedmonton.com

Back in early days of Edmonton's history, 124th street was a vibrant avenue with many shops, being that it was one of the "main" streets of Edmonton. Then as time went on, it sort of fell into this dreary street of riff-raff and disrepair. I remember as a kid there not being much to 124th street except for Pinnochio's Ice Cream. Some time around the mid-90's, the push to revitalize downtown emerged. 124th Street is a textbook example of what happens when people of passion and vision come together. This street is wonderful to visit, with so many trendy and classy places to eat and shop at, all the while maintaining it's historical charm and inviting atmosphere. I haven't walked the full street in a while, because I keep getting distracted by the yummy gelato at Cocoa Choclatiers!

4) Telus World of Science

I used to find this place boring as a kid. Primarily because I didn't particularly care for science. But as an adult, I have come to love this place. They have brought some very neat exhibits, like The Star Wars exhibit and the upcoming Harry Potter exhibit. The Imax films are imcredible. It is simply fun. 

3) Art Gallery of Alberta

True story: I fell in love with the man that is now my husband at the Art Gallery. It was our third date, and my first time there. We were at the Yousef Karsh exhibit. We have been there a few times. I was initially critical of building this. I am now grateful the AGA exists. 

2) Alberta Legislature Grounds

My husband and I come here after church to walk and hangout. It's "our" place. We had our wedding photos there. Canada Day at the legislature grounds is our tradition, where we participate in the oath. They have done a good job with the design, making it a great place for individuals, couples and families to hang out.  

1) Beaumaris Lake

This is my hidden gem, and close to my home. I go there for a few times a week. It is an enjoyabe walking path, and greatly designed to look natural. Everytime we go there, there is something slightly different to see, depending on the weather or season etc. The pic above is mine, taken at sunset in summer, with no photo edit. Same with the following, which was taken in fall. 

I have other places I like, like Hawrelak Park, The Museum, and so on. There is a lot to enjoy in Edmonton. 

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