30 October 2009

Random ramblings.

Hello my faithful followers. Welcome back! I apologize for not posting anything recently. I was on a bit of a blogcation. Every once in a while I suffer mental exhaustion where I just have nothing to say, or something to say and no energy to say it. I think I take laziness to a whole new level in October! I've also decided I just can't post about the military every day like I planned. It's taking away from the chaos and joy that is my blog. So my intentions of doing a tribute each day to Rememberance Day just isn't going to happen, although if I do find something incredibly awesome, I will post it!

Without further ado, let me ramble on in my happy little way that I do.

1) U2: I happily purchased pre-sale U2 tickets! But I have to tell you, that well oiled machine called U2 has a weird sort of caste system of purchasing tickets. It's completely infuriating. As with most artists, you have opportunities to buy what are called pre-sale tickets; that is, tickets that go on sale before being released to the general audience. And the way it usually goes is that maybe a few days before, you have fan-club members who get the first piece of the pie. Then they have a special time for radio released pre-sales. Finally, they get released to all, usually a few days after. Going back to the fan-clubs, usually it's one or two words that only they know. But if you are a fan, you get tickets.

Now with U2 on the other hand, it's a whole different system. Fan club members do get tickets. But it's on a tiered system. What tier you fall on depends on when you joined. And you get your own user code. So your code only activates based on the pre-sale time you can log into based on your fan club tier. It's entirely frustrating and stupid. I get why they do it, but still...so ....frustrating.

It's a good thing I LOVE U2.

2) Wii Fit: Guess who got a Wii Fit? Guess? C'mon...I'll give you a hint... she's the fatty typing this blog. Now let me be perfectly clear that I am not technologically adept. The last video console I owned was a Nintendo 64. And let's also be clear that coordination and fine motor skills often come into question when I walk, never mind exercize. Clutsy be thine name.

But as discussed, I'm preciously plump. And I'm tired of being that way. But realistically, I also hate the cold during winter and I don't always have an opportunity to go to the gym, which I also don't care for. So why not create a mini-gym in my house, and one that is fun while we are at it? I have my little mats, my treadmill and elliptical, my videos and now I have this. But this is fun AND it keeps track of your progress! Score on all levels. And let me tell ya, if I can waste hours in front of a tv, why not waste it on video games? It's win win all around.

I have the Biggest Loser Wii game so I will have mini-Bob Harper yell at me. Excellent. Because we all know how much I LOVE BOB HARPER! *Squee*.

Now I just have to avoid the plague that is Rock Band. I think I'm still suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome after playing it at Karen's last weekend.

3) British Music: I'm going to have a post on this later at some point, but let me just emphatically state that I love music that originates from the United Kingdom. Stay tuned....

4) Flu Rant: Ok, I'm going to get this rant out and be done with it. I'm tired of flu paranoia. I'm tired of 50 hour round the clock news coverage on people freaking out because they have to stand in line for 4 hours. I'm tired of hearing that if we don't get this H1N1 vaccination, we will all go down in a heap of misery. And I'm tired of government bothcing this issue up. And I'm tired of pharmaceutical companies dragging their asses on producing vaccinations. And I'm tired of not being able to sneeze without someone giving you the stank eye. And I'm tired of being told I'm sneezing wrong. Sorry if I don't want get snot on my sleeve.

I get it. I get that the flu sucks. I get it that H1N1 sucks. I get that we are all confused about what to do, where to go, what they symptoms are and confused if you have the swine flu or the regular flu or a cold or allergies or the plauge. I get it all. I'm just tired of the paranoia surrounding this and hearing about it and hearing people complain about whatever.
Just shut up everyone!

**Update: I just saw on-line that they are coming out with a U2 Rock Band. Crap. Do I really need four obsessions to collide in such a way?