17 March 2010

Irish Blessings! My St. Paddy's Blog!

Everyone knows I have mad love for the Irish. I am a quarter Irish myself, but was raised in a full blown Irish house hold, complete with the general angst one can expect with an Irish family. You know...the desperate poverty, the drunken Irish dad, the guilt that is passed from generations past. The Irish can sure market sorrow like no one's business. I need to find a sad pathetic Irish husband to complete my sad pathetic Irish life.

Anyways, Happy St. Patrick's Day and I am going to pepper my blog with tons of links to things I enjoy.

Riverdance Bears:

Bugger Off! (Warning...NSFW...Crude Language).

P.S. I Love You...and The Pogues "I Love You 'Till The End" (I want for my wedding song!).

The Cranberries

Irish Dancing

Ireland itself..my dream vacation!

Finally...I will end this with an Irish Blessing...nothing is more beautiful then this link.

Irish Blessing.


1 comment:

Rebecca on The Homefront said...

Thank you so much for that Irish Blessing at the end...so beautiful, I could just play it on a loop. I really needed that after the day I had. *hugs*

Unfortunately, I was one of the few who couldn't tell our prof that we were at least part Irish yesterday. I almost felt bummed. lol. But I can get my dose of Irish through you, so it works out in the end. ;)