12 June 2010

Eighties Song Saturday

Hey all! I know it seems that all I have been blogging about lately is eighties songs. And while that is true (based on the last three posts), I do have great blog posts up in my head. And it's not because I have been busy. Au contraire mes amis! In fact, I have had nothing but time. However, my general laziness and procrastination has taken an evil hold on me. I will post this week f'sure!

My 8o's song selection is a personal favourite of mine. My buddy Junior posted today about how difficult it has been for him to find a relationship. I too struggled for many years...the lone single in the group of friends. Thankfully God has granted my wishes and I am now gloriously happy and in a relationship with a wonderful man.

Hmm...I should nick name him something...hmm
. Ok, for this blog we will call him "Mr. M".

Anyways, this is to all those out there searching for love! And Junebabe, this song is dedicated to you.

*PS, I totally dig the choir ensemble at the end...ah..the 80's...good times*.

I Want To Know What Love Is ~ Foreigner.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dani, I could cry. I love you too! And I'm so happy for you too! I know how wonderful of a person you are so I'm also happy for Mr. M!

I hope you and your beau are deliriously happy every single day and even if you're not, you still appreciate each other! Okay, must go before I actually start crying! THANKS!

Dani said...

Aww..I luv ya too! You are by far my bestie blog buddy!

Rebecca on The Homefront said...

Oh, a favorite 80s song! :) I'm glad to see you so deliriously happy with Mr. M.