17 September 2012

Happy Anniversary to The Cockroaches!

(photo courtesy of Creations Photos)
Today is a special day in my heart.  September 17th has a special meaning and I don't want today to go by without The Cockroaches knowing just how special they are to me, and just how much I love them. Seldom do we celebrate our friendships, because every day we have with them are special and treasured. But for me, September 17th has a special meaning that is worth celebrating.
One year ago today, a group of friends gathered to celebrate. It was Mark's birthday week. But it was also the wedding day of two individuals who, of their own making, had decided to part ways from the rest of us. Rather than walk away peacefully, they took the cheap and immature way out, with lame excuses levelled at us to justify their own immaturity. Looking back, they were probably looking for an "out" for a while, and the excuses they created made it easier to walk away.
That prior year was emotionally exhausting, and we were drained.
So when an opportunity came to gather and celebrate, Wendy and I jumped on that. She herself was suffering from two personal losses and needed her spirits lifted. I wanted Mark to realize he was loved by those close to him. Monica and Nick and Nicole and Mike had just gone through the landmine described above that Jason, Wendy, Mark and I had experienced in the previous Autumn. So it was time to celebrate us. The fact that the Saturday happened to fall on said wedding day was pure coincidence.
Wendy and I planned it out. We would get together at Boston Pizza (Mark's favourite joint). Afterwards, we would take the party to Casa Konoza, eat ice cream cake, and play Rockband with our online musical group called The Cockroaches. It was going to be an epic night.
It turned out much more than that. Wendy said our group was solid that night. Our little group was together. We supported one another. This was what was important, not them. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we laughed some more. It was one of the best nights ever.
We had no way of knowing that night what would happen less than two weeks later, when Wendy passed away. For some, it was the last time they would see Wendy. When she passed away, there was a fracture in the collective Cockroaches heart.
Since September 17th, 2011, we have gathered as friends and supported each other. We were there to help Jason in his dark days. We were there to celebrate Mark's and I wedding on the bright days. We've gathered together as often as we can, strengthening our bonds. And most importantly, we have never forgotten Wendy's happiness that she had the day we became solid. I take comfort in knowing she was at peace with the situation that was, and was happy with us. We were solid.
So for me, September 17th is a day in which I want to personally mark as an anniversary. It is a day of love and gratitude for Mark, Jason, Monica, Nick, Nicole, Mike (and later on, new members to the roaches with the additions of Steve, Travis, Laura, Kevin...and whoever else wants to be part of the awesomeness that is The Cockroaches). It is a day of love and gratitude for Wendy, who is forever a member in spirit. We may come, we may go, but our love is solid.
On Friday, we are going to gather, celebrate Mark's birthday once again, and The Cockroaches will sing once more. I will love and cherish every single moment of that day.
Happy Anniversary Friends! 
Cockroaches Forever!

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