24 January 2010

Men are from Mars and Woman from a quaint English Cottage.

I was talking to my friend the other day and we came were talking about our favourite kind of subject: British Gentlemen and Jane Austen era manners. I swear it's like soft porn the way we gush...but anyways...

In our discussion, I pointed out how I wish that men were still gentlemen from that era. You know, opening doors, being chivalrous, providing for us with their good fortune. I know it's against everything I should want. But the reality is, that deep down inside, I want to be swept away and cherished.

Now I realize my though process is very nieve and am about to over generalize. However, that line of discussion lead to another thread that men now a days really only want sex and someone to do their chores. And the closest/easiest thing that will get them to point b is to do the bare minimum required.

Women on the other hand internalize things differently. Their wants are quite a bit different. Where men might be turned on by a hot chick, I'm turned on by an Enlish Countryside. Where men eventually want sex in a new relationship, I want a guy to open the door for me and court me.

Men, if you think that super hot barbie with the big hooters isn't being a sex kitten because she sees what you drive and sees where you live, then you are fooling yourself. There is a REASON why the guy taking a bus to his full time job at McD's is not dating a hot blonde with a killer body. When all things are equal in the looks department, women will instinctively gather around the percieved provider. I wish this were not true.

To quote Jane Austen: "it is universally known that a man with a good fortune must be want of a wife". But what is not said explicitely that a man of good fortune will most readily attract a wife.

The dream package of course is the provide who has all those manners, etiquette and courtship. But in today's society, I will gladly choose the gentlemen with the English cottage over the fly by night Johnny on the dole.

The bottom line is this: In relationships, men and women will want different things. And we will do anything that will get us to the end goal.

But I should add that if you find the perfect guy who has all the characteristics of what you want from a relationship standpoint, then it is a lot easier to gloss over the deficiencies.

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Joanna said...

This is sort of off-topic, but you got me thinking about British men..... and the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Mr. Bean, lol.

I know, I know. And he's not even thoughtful or chivalrous!

For Christmas he got his girlfriend a cardboard cut-out of a happy couple admiring a diamond ring, rather than giving her the actual diamond ring she desired.

Haha... ahh, it never stops being funny.

But, yeah, bring back the thoughtful man!