11 July 2010

7 Quick Takes: Belated Friday Edition. (Vol 1)

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary hosts a meme called 7 Quick Takes. In a nut shell, it's an end of the week thing that you post 7 quick random things. I'm all for it as it's a good way to get some thoughts out that don't require a full post! Plus helps with blog blahs. :) *P.S. I will also have one very shortly posted on my faith blog, Pray With Dani*.


I am delighted that the new season of Big Brother has started. This is my not-so-secret favourite reality t.v. show. And the twist this year is that there is a saboteur! Should make for some fun shenanigans.


I have so many books that I want to read right now. Summer always poses an interesting challenge. Do you read the serious book that you have plenty of time to read? Or do you go straight to mindless read to suit your summer A.D.H.D.?


The job hunt so far kind of sucks. I am slowly coming to the realization that in a down turn economy, the best thing might be that I have to take a temporary full time job with a term limit just to hopefully get my foot in the door.


I will blog about this at some point later, but can I just give a shout out to the t.v. classic M*A*S*H*? 30 years later and it's still one of the funniest shows on the tube. They sure don't write good comedy anymore.


I've been having an interesting dialogue with my friend Bonnie about procrastination. I will admit that I do procrastinate....badly...as is evident in the piles of clothes I need to sort through. I'll talk more about this topic....later. LOL!


I threw a wedding shower for my friend Karen yesterday (of whom I am a bridesmaid for her wedding). It was delightful. The fudge the maid of honour made was fantastic. As a side rant: have people forgotten how to R.S.V.P? So frustrating trying to plan something when no one does the respondez part. I hope that the next wedding I plan is mine (*hint hint to my boyfriend..lol).


My friend Joanne has a new baby girl who is so adorable. So much so that I counted, and half my photos on my new camera are of her. LOL. In fact, all of my friends kiddo's are cute. Our little "golden kids" are mighty cute I tell ya.

So feel free to comment on any of the above topics. Have a great weekend/week everyone!


Carolina Girl said...

I love Big Brother too, such good drama!

Thanks for the sweet words, lady. =) xoxo

Joanna said...

* Yes, MASH is still amazing. I've been watching it again lately on the History Channel, and it's so neat to see it now that I'm older and actually *get* what was going on. (ie, war, PTSD, etc.) Even though I saw every episode as a kid growing up, I certainly appreciate it more now.

* The shower was very classy and tastefully done. I had fun!

* I think it's so cool that your camera is filled with photos of my daughter, lol. She's not at all camera-shy, so feel free to photograph any time. :)