12 August 2010

The Boys of Fall

The other day, I was riding in the car with my boyfriend when I happened to notice that the leaves were starting to fade a bit. The little berries for the birds were starting to appear. The weather is getting a crisper. That can only mean one thing: Fall is near.

I know that you summer lovers hate to hear this; most will live in denial right up to winter. But for the rest of us that can't stand the heat, love the vibrant colours, and get's excited at the thought of the start/end of various sport seasons, this is the best news ever. Between the Race for the Cup in Nascar, to the World Series in Baseball, to the start of NFL and College Football, what is not to love about Fall?

Football is starting and no one has captured the excitement better then Kenny Chesney and his video "The Boys of Fall". This song captures every emotion that get's poured into this season. I LOVE this song and I think it will be the song of the end of summer and beginning of Fall for 2010. **Side note: Welcome back to making down home country Kenny Chesney. I loved your beach stuff, but when you connect with your base, you are at your finest form.


Carolina Girl said...

That song is AWESOME!!!!!!! And yes, I'm ready for Fall weather too! State fairs, pumpkin spice coffee, cooler temps, FOOTBALL!!! Can't wait!! Love your new background =)

Dani said...

Mmmm...pumpkin spice anything! I tell you CG, the song sticks in my head! And I have been slowly building up my new found love for football.

The background is from "the cutest blog on the block". Super easy to install.

Joanna said...

Small confession: I actually hate fall.

It's just that, as soon as the weather gets cool and the leaves start to change colour, all I can think about is that winter is just around the corner. (And winter lasts forevvvvvver.) Bleh.

I need to start looking at the brighter side of things, like you do (read: mmm, pumpkin spice).

But as of right now, I'm hating fall, only because it means summer is over. :(