30 November 2012

Friday's Top Five: The Best Christmas Carols

This makes me laugh.

Hello faithful readers of five!

I had this wonderful awesome good idea that Joanne and I should blog about our favourite Christmas Carols! After all, it's that time of year where I can finally unleash my Christmas crazy, right? RIGHT?

This was hard guys. I love me some Christmas music, I do. How do I narrow it down to five? Sigh.

I decided that when selecting my music, it would be five songs that are simply enjoyable, that evoke an emotion or memory, or may possibly be used to torment any future children I have. Win-win all around!

Gather around children. Irish up your nog. Sit back and enjoy!
5) The Huron Carol 

I first heard this song in Church during Advent in 2008, a few months before I became a Catholic. It immediately resonated in my conscience and filled my heart. Sometimes, you simply cannot express how the beauty of a song can evoke an emotion.

This song is Canada's oldest Christmas carol, written in 1643 by Jean de Breabeau, a Catholic Jesuit missionary, to the Huron peoples. It was originally written in Huron as a way to explain the Christmas story. Haunting. Beautiful.

4) O Come O Come Emmanuel - The Civil Wars 

I love everything about this song, which we sing during Advent at Church. When I was searching for a version of this song, I came across this wonderful version by the group, The Civil Wars. This version is absolutely amazing. (I also recommend Enya's version, which weaves in Celtic lyrics in a haunting way).


3) Now the Bells Ring - Rita MacNeil

CRTC rules dictate that Canadian content be played on the radio every day. It is how I am able to hear Now the Bells Ring year after year. Which is fine by me. My mom loves this song, so it was played a lot at home. Rita MacNeil has one of the clearest and best voices out there.

2.5) Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys.

I know, I am totally cheating. I am a cheater mccheaterson. Whatever. I can't have a list without Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys. So. Much. Fun.

2) Christmas is All Around - Bill Nighy (from the movie Love Actually

Some may ask how I can hate Wham's Last Christmas so much, and yet this song, which does basically the same thing (insert the word Christmas into a generic song), is my second favourite Christmas Carol?  Easy. This song, unlike the monstrosity of Last Christmas, is funny. I first heard it watching Love Actually. I laughed then. I laugh now. My husband loves it. I love it. Heck, we will even play the song in the middle of summer (and still laugh). We will even sing it in our fake English accents. Bill Nighy MAKES this song a classic.

Watch this movie clip. Then you will understand how I can defend this choice.

1) Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid

This is easily my favourite Christmas carol. This selection is all about happy memories and 80's nostalgia. I remember listening to this song over and over (and over) again at Grandma's house with my aunts and uncles.

This was back in the day when big stars got together to compile songs for charities (save the whatever cause of the day). There is no mistaking that this is an 80's song. All you need to do is listen and watch the video to determine that!

What makes this song great 28 years later is that it is still awesome, still a great song to listen too, and still socially relevant. I crank this song and sing along every single time.  Plus, it has Phil Collins, who you all know is my favourite.

Feeed the world...let them know it's Christmas time...

My selections either caused you to enjoy your rum nog, or drink more more rum nog. Leave comments about my choices and some of yours, then head on over to Joanne's blog to see her 5 choices.


Joanna said...

Love it!! The beauty of Christmas carols is that they can be so diverse, which is a wonderful thing.

Of the 5 you listed above, my favourite is O Come O Come Emmanuel. You're so right in that it's hauntingly beautiful!

Rebecca on The Homefront said...

I don't think I've heard the Huron Carol before, but I absolutely love it. I'll have to ponder my choices and put a blog up, too. :D And I agree...it's not Christmas without Band Aid, and Bill Nighy is the man.

Aurorarose said...

I absolutely love your top 5 1/2 list. I especially agree with your song choice from Love Actually! Love that movie!!! Tank you for helping me to start getting into the Christmas spirit. I was kinda hoping Mazie's House would help...no dice! You totally rock! Keep the blog posts coming! :) Nik

Tracy P. said...

I've always wondered about the Band Aid song. And there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time... Isn't it summertime in the southern hemisphere this time of year?

The Huron Carol is one of my favourites. It's the only Canadian Christmas carol, isn't it? I have fond memories of watching the Tom Jackson special with my mom every December.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..