21 December 2012

Friday's Top Five: Things For Which I Am Grateful

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While 2012 was infinitely better than 2011, you would never know it by my general day-to-day attitude. I would like to think I am a positive personality, and I am, but when it comes to how I feel internally, I don't always gratefully reflect on the gifts I have been given. Nor do I take compliments very well - mostly because I feel unworthy of them.

Just the other day, I had a co-worker compliment my new haircut and said "you are so beautiful and photogenic," and I scoffed at those remarks. She said to me "you need to learn to take a compliment and be more grateful for your blessings." 
That, my faithful readers of five, is total and complete truth.
I have decided that for 2013, I will be more grateful. I will try to focus on the positive things in my life. This has to be a conscious decision on my part. This will also require detailed review of where I am negative, and how I can turn that into a positive.

One place where I can start is on my blog. Next week is Christmas, and what better time than to express my gratitude for my life's blessings. When you are done reading my list, leave a comment, then head on over to Joanne's Top Five list.

5) My Health
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In 2011, I was diagnosed with Lofgren's Syndrome, a mild form (spectrum-wise) of Sarcoidosis. While the worst of it is over (hopefully forever), I have basically spent the last two-years seeing specialists from every walk of life.  I am more-or-less done with those appointments now (except for a yearly follow-up to ensure that all is good). But there are three things that I am extremely grateful for, having lived this experience:
  1. Excellent heath-care in Canada that I don't have to pay upfront for!
  2. My disease is in complete remission!
  3. Because of all the tests I had to take, other stuff has been discovered: asthma; a severe vitamin D deficiency and the related thyroid issue (both which are better now); a higher than normal risk for pre-eclempsia (sp?) if I am pregnant (which is good for the doctors to know so that I am more closely monitored).
Because of my experience, and the results from tests (expected and unexpected), I am in a much better position to take control of my total health moving forwards. I am grateful for my health.

 4) My Faith

Source: Creations Photos, Edmonton: Trina & Omari Lewis

It is not easy to live my faith. I don't live it particularly well all the time either. It's not easy to agree with all doctrines of my faith.  Plus, with my job actually being an administrative assistant for the Church, it can be a fine line between feeling like I am doing God's work vs. working for The Church. Add to that the constant negative rants I read on a daily basis from some of my Atheist friends (sometimes logical, sometimes hateful), it's just plain hard.

That said, I love my faith. I love that when I am down, out, and not doing so good, God steps in. I love that when I am up, in, and doing well, God is still there. I love the feeling I get when I step into church for the one hour sanctuary against the daily grind of life. I love that my Church has solutions, even if you disagree, with almost every aspect of life. I love that I can share my faith with my husband and friends - the people that matter. For all the rants I read, nothing replaces the experience and truth I feel. I am extremely grateful for my faith.

3) My Friends

Yah, that's how we roll! Source: Creations Photos, Edmonton: Trina & Omari Lewis

My friends make me laugh when I otherwise want to cry. My friends are the joyful sounds that comes out of the musical instruments of life. They are the soundboards for my rants, the vine for which the gossip flows, the vein of my heart that sustains me. Generally speaking, they are also one brick short of a load, but that's neither here-nor-there. :P

I love my friends. Simple as that. No matter how busy we get, or how things change in our lives, I will always be there for them, and they for me. I am grateful for my friends.

2) My family

This about sums up my family. Source: unknown
Why do they call it a family tree? Because if you look deep, you will find some sap!
I love my family. And now that I am married, I have more family to love. On any given week, someone is driving me nuts. I wouldn't have it any other way. When the going gets tough, you have family in your corner. I am grateful for my family.

1) My husband
Love. Source: Creations Photos, Edmonton, Trina & Omari Lewis

I love my husband with all my heart and beyond. He is everything to me. Every single day, I grow deeper in love. Our love is not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it means everything to me. I am grateful for my husband.


Merry Christmas everyone, all faithful readers of five! I leave you with this quote:

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~Abraham Lincoln



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