21 January 2013

Friday's Top Five - Motivation Songs

Hello faithful readers of five:

A typical conversation with Joanne from A Warm Cup of Jo:

"What are we going to blog about next week?"
"Um. What about songs that motivate us?"
"Awesome. I'm so motivated about this topic!"
Fast forward one week
"Can we postpone this one week?"
"Hell yah! I am so unmotivated to write!"

Yes my friends, Joanne and I feed each others laziness. We are enablers. I love my BFF!

So what songs motivate me? What songs get my fire going? What songs inspire me to be a better me? When I'm feeling lazy, down, unmotivated, and rejected, music helps my soul.

Today, with the inauguration, it is a perfect day to stop being lazy and start sharing my songs that motivate!
Awesome picture, eh? I have no idea who to give credit to though.
So without further ado, here are my a list of my go-to songs (by no means limited to this, but these stand out). Joanne's list could easily be my list too, so check hers out too!

#5) God Bless the USA (and a Canadian version too!) - Lee Greenwood

I love my country. I love the United States for that matter too. This song may be dorky by the musical standards of today (and may be every politicians go-to campaign song) but I love it! I love the American version, and to my surprise, Lee made a Canadian version too! Patriotic love all around!

Lyric sample:
If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life, 
And I had to start again with just my children and my wife, 

I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today, 
'Cause the flag still stands for freedom 
And they can't take that away. 

US Version: 

Canadian Version: 

#4) That's What I Love About Sundays - Craig Morgan

This song represents for me what is truly important - faith, family and friends. If life were truly this simple, life would be great.

Lyric sample: 

That's what I love about Sunday:
Cat-napping on the porch swing;
You curled up next to me,
The smell of jasmine wakes us up.
Take a walk down a back road,
Tackle box and a cane pole;
Carve our names in that white oak,
An' steal a kiss as the sun fades,
That's what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

#3) In My Life - The Beatles

This song represents where I am at in my life right now. That it is important to look past, with fondness, at the memories of the past and the friends that have come and gone. However, it is important to not be stuck in the past, or the what might have been, but rather, move forward in life and in love.

Lyric sample: 

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you

And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

#2) That's Who I Am - Jessica Andrews

This song is me. I am who I am. It is important for me to recognize that I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I am very clumsy. I may never cross-off the all important bucket list.I matter in this world, even if only to those who love me most. Being me is all that matters to them, and to myself.

Lyric sample:

Sometimes I'm clueless and I'm clumsy
But I've got friends that love me 
And they know just where I stand
It's all a part of me
And that's who I am

#1) Everyday - Dave Matthews Band

In 2002, Joanne and I went on my first vacation out of the country (and the first without my family). This was one of those life-changing vacations for many reasons (independence, confidence, deepening my love for travel and for the USA, etc...). On our tour, this was our morning song. Not only does it conjure up great memories though. It is a genuinely great song that wants me to strive to be a better person and contribute to society in a better way. I think if everyone lived this message, we would have a better world.

Lyric sample: 

Pick me up, love, from 
the bottom
Up onto the top, love, everyday
Pay no mind to taunts or advances
I'm gonna take my chances on everyday

Left to right
Up and up and inside out right
Good love fight for everyday
Jump in the mud, mud
Get your hands filthy, love
Give it up, love

All you need is
All you want is
All you need is love.
All you need is
What you want is
All you need is love.

So what are your motivational songs? Share!


Tracy Powell said...

I took a peek at my playlists to see if I had anything to contribute to your list. I do a ton of writing (very little of it on my blog, haha) and have set up playlists for everything. Everything except motivational songs. I have playlists for sad writing, for writing about unrequited love (my favourite theme), for doing dishes, for short drives, for long drives, for when my smarter half isn't in the car. But nothing that's just straight up motivational songs.

Also, I've discovered that I listen to some pretty depressing stuff! (And a lot of garbage.)

So I'm starting a playlist now. Thanks for inspiring and contributing! :D

Joanna said...

- Shwah? Lee Greenwood did a Canadian version? Thank you for enlightening me! That's just one more reason to love Lee Greenwood.

- Craig Morgan is a former US Army Ranger, so you get bonus points for choosing a song of his, LOL.

- I totally forgot about that Jessica Andrews song... it's fabulous! And an excellent motivational tune at that.

- This Beatles song will always remind me of the show Providence where it was sung my Chantal Kreviazuk. Love it!

- Sigh. Vacations. Dave Matthews. The South. What's not to love about this song?

Great post Dani!