28 January 2013

Friday's Top Five: Thing's I'm Looking Forward to This Year

Hello faithful readers of five,

Joanne and I decided to blog about the five things we look forward to this year, in parts to keep up with the desire to stay motivated, positive, and grateful. So this week (by this week, I mean last Friday, but it's Monday, because I actually had to work Friday, because sometimes work interferes with my life), we will blog about the five things we are looking forward to this year. And once again, I could pretty much copy and paste Joanne's Top Five list. Just sayin'.

#5) A Specialist-Free Year
I am so very done with going to specialists. The last two years have been nothing but near-monthly specialists appointments. Unless I have some sort of remission, or say I get pregnant and have a complicated pregnancy because of my condition, the appointments might not be over. But it doesn't hurt to be optimistic about such things. I'm done with all things Sarcoidosis. As an aside, I am glad we have the health-care system in Canada that we have. I will be forever grateful for the care I received during my health-care journey.

#4) Better Overall Health & A Healthier Weight
All that being said in point #5, I do need to get on top of things regarding my health. My Sarcoid is in complete remission. My organs seem to be healthy (most especially my lungs and kidney). My asthma is under control with Symbicourt. My severe Vitamin D deficiency is back to the semi-normal with continued supplementation. My hormone imbalance (caused by said vitamin deficiency) is back to normal. 

That all said, I still have major room for improvement. My vision needs to be checked. My fitness levels are appalling. I'm fat. Not preciously plump. Full on fat. And I am trying to conceive, which surely my weight contribute to the difficulty of conception. More work needs to be done to make a healthier me in 2013!  This will involve some amount of discipline on my part, but I can succeed!

 #3) Baseball Season
This year, more than any other year, I am EXCITED about baseball. There is a lot to be excited about! The Toronto Blue Jays look like they might actually have a team in contention this year, with some pretty major off-season signings (including 2012 Cy Young winner R.A.Dickey).  In Edmonton, there has been a major drought because they suspended the 2013 season of the Edmonton Capitals (because of the weak NABL system). However there is a strong possibility of baseball returning by way of either (maybe) American Association of Professional Ball League or a (slim) chance of getting a single-A farm team. Now, with the schedule already posted for 2013 in the AAPBL, I am trying not to get too optimistic. But it would be nice to have something. Baseball is easily the cheapest and most enjoyable entertainment in town (ticket, beer, hot dog for less than $20).

In addition, a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame might be in the works...

Source: sportscasualties.com

#2) Vacation to Ottawa and Upstate New York
Nothing is set in stone yet, but husband and I plan to visit Ottawa. This has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I am excited at the prospect of visiting our nations capital. Being the dorky über-patriotic Canadian (and history majour), I am super excited. What adds to the excitement is the possibility of meeting up with Joanne and her family for a side-trip to upstate New York, where her husband is from. This may include a day trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I hope to see the Niagara Falls and Toronto, as well as the Gatineau area of Quebec. But for me, Ottawa is what I am most looking forward to visiting. To be able to be in the Parliament Buildings, the same buildings that Pierre Trudeau and other leaders have walked, overwhelms me.

#1) Having a Baby...(hopefully).
Husband and I want a baby. The TTC process is a bit frustrating. But at least I am enjoying the trying part, even if the conceiving part isn't quite happening! ;)

You totally know I will do this to my kid, right?

So there's my list. What's on your top-five look foward list?

P.S. Today would have been my friend Wendy's 37th birthday. I miss her so much. In times of sadness, reflecting on hopes and dreams seems apt. She would want me to have these, achieve these, and be a better version of myself. I miss you dear friend. I love you. And I will always strive to be happy for you.

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Joanna said...

Woooot..... so extremely excited at the thought that we might be able to travel together for a few days out east this June!

When will you know for sure if you guys are going to Ottawa? Message me with the details..... we'll wait on booking our trip depending on what you guys do. (No pressure, lol)