28 September 2013

Friday's Top Five - Five Things I Love About Fall

Hello faithful readers of five, 

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I could write a list of twenty, but alas. The crisp but pleasant weather, the beautiful colours....what is not to love? But the obvious reasons aside, there are some lesser reasons why Fall is the greatest season. Without further ado...

5) Harvest Fruits & Vegetables
We have had to buy very little vegetables this month because my husbands parents keep giving us vegetables from the garden. From beets to zucchini, cucumber to carrots, and endless tomatoes, our fridge crisper looks like a cornucopia of plenty. Famers markets have endless goodies, and the fresh stuff tastes awesome! I sit in eager anticipation of Safeway's annual apple sale, where the much loved Ambrosia apple makes a comeback. I have traditionally done the best on my diet in Fall. Is there any wonder why? 

4) Maple & Pumpkin & Apple flavoured EVERYTHING
I love the flavour of Maple. Maple syrup, maple candy, maple coffee... I also love Pumpkin flavoured things like pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice latte. Then there are apple pies and apple crisps and apple ciders. Autumn is when bakers and coffee makers seem to switch from the refreshing flavours of berry and citrus, to the warm and cozy flavours like pumpkin, maple, and apple. I heartily approve! 

3) Goodbye frizzy summer hair! 
Autumn is awesome three-month period of the year where I don't like I stuck my finger into an electrical socket. There is no humidity. Now granted, there is no humidity in winter wither, but the toque ruins everything. So for three blessed months, my hair is awesome and shiny and FLAT. This summer was particularly bad for humidity, and my hair was aweful, to my great anxiety. As a bonus, I also like that I can wear pants again, which means I can go a day or two, or three, or four without shaving! 

2) Walks are enjoyable...and bearable. 
As I said in my previous post on summer, my husband and I go for a lot of walks. Walks in the summer are great in that I don't have to wear a jacket and the scenery is nice. But summer walking also has pitfalls. Mosquitos, rain, heat...all can make a pleasant walk less so (or not at all). In Autumn, there are no mosquitos, and the weather is largely moderate with little to no rain. The temperature is crisp, but not cold. In fact, most days are warm, and all you need is a light sweater. But the sun doesn't beat down on you like a furnace. Add the gorgeous colours and nice smells, and walking in Autumn is simply great. 

1) The return to routine.
Summer is great, but it is also an extremely disruptive season. School is out so the kids are at home. Bus schedules change. People go on vacations, so work sort of comes to a stop (or alternately, you end up having to always "cover" a position which adds to your workload). Every event or vacation or summer wedding blows your diet all to hell. Programs at the gym seem to take a hiatus. Everything on TV is reruns.The pace of summer just seems to either slow down in a lazy way, or is so busy to the point of franticness. In Autumn, everyone is more-or-less back from holidays. Kids are back to school. New & returning programs come to TV and in the gyms. I feel a bit more in control of life. It's a good thing, especially for my diet? Lol. 

So that is it. Mosey over to see what Joanne, Karen & Bronwyn like about fall. 

P.S. I typed this on my IPad Blogger app, so sorry for any errors. Still not sure how to hyperlink my friends blogs, so I will do so on Monday. 


Jo said...

Excellent point about all the fresh veggies this time of year!

Ren said...

Weird - I tried to post a comment from my phone but it's not here?

Anyway . . .

Mmmmm Maple, I should have added that to my fall flavours that I love. I also love the return to routines.