10 September 2013

Friday's Top Five - Songs of Summer 2013

Hello faithful readers of five!

It's been a while since I have blogged. Took a bit of a summer break (because admitting I was lazy is simply not going to happen). But it is time to dust-off the cobwebs and get back into the swing of things. Joanne and Karen are participating in this weeks (which should have been posted on Friday the 6th) Friday's Top Five: Songs of Summer 2013.

My list is definitely the weakest of the three. They both (especially Karen) posted meaningful songs that speak to their lives. By comparison, mine is pretty lame. That is partly to do with the fact that I have Sirius Sattelite Radio in the car, so I haven't really made a point to listen to anything...you know...modern.  Also, to be honest, I haven't really listened to a lot of music, period. And life is pretty ok right now. I have issues, but is there a song out there that speaks to dealing with uterine adenomyosis? Probably not.

But there are songs that, when I hear them, might make me think of Summer 2013. So here is my fluffy list. Add your songs of summer in the comments!

5) Cups - Anna Kendrick (Original Song by Pitch Perfect)

This is a fun little song I discovered by accident but quite enjoy. The video makes the song.

4) Give Your Heart A Break - Demi Lovato

Another Nickleodean star turned musician, but perhaps not as famous as the Miley "twerk" Cyrus, I actually don't mind her music. It's catchy. Although she did have a summer hit with her song Heart Attack, this new-to-me song was in my head all summer. I heard it quite a bit at the Mandalay Bay pool in Las Vegas too.

3) Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

I saw Cirque Du Soleil's "ONE" at Mandalay Bay with my husband. This was easily one of the best shows I have ever seen, Vegas or otherwise. This tribute to Michael Jackson reminded me how much I actually like his music. We bought some of his CD's and played it frequently in our car on local road trips. This song is just one of many to choose from. (The below is a small clip from the show)

2) Roar - Katy Perry

This came out late in the summer, and I love the message. I often felt this way to be honest, even amongst my friends and family. But I have gained a voice (I think blogging, and counselling through the Weight Wise Clinic, has helped my confidence). This song resonates with me. It is also my new unofficial weightloss motivation song!

1) Today is Your Day (Why Not?) - Shania Twain

This is another artist I saw in Las Vegas. It was an awesome concert and left me with more fond memories. This particular song I had never heard before. When I heard it in Vegas, I loved it. I also love the positive message. I have spent all summer seeking positivity in my daily life.



Jo said...

Great list, Dan! Much like Karen's list, I've never heard any of these songs before.... which, frankly, probably means I need to get out more, lol.

Ren said...

Just goes to show you that I listen to too much Top 40 radio, hee hee.