4 November 2013

Friday's Top Five: Myths Debunked

Hello faithful readers of five:

This is yet another catch-up post. This was supposed to be posted on October 11, but alas, work interferes with my social life again. I am pretty sure it was Joanne who came up with this topic, and it's a toughie. My responses are more anecdotal. I am not sure if they technically count as debunked if I was stupid enough to fall for the lie to begin with. As well, I am going to suggest things that maybe haven't been debunked. But this is my blog, and all that really matters is my opinion really. LOL.

5) Activity has no effect on weigh-loss (it will only help with maintenance).

I have heard repeatedly from different sources (including the Weight Wise Clinic of the hospital) that activity doesn't have as much an effect on weight-loss as diet. The rational is that you need to do a significant amount of exercise (more than the average person can reasonably do) to burn off any significant calories. I understand the point of what they are saying - that thinking if you go to the gym for an hour, that it will negate the DQ Blizzard you ate on the way home. So that extent, yes, that is true.

However, I know that if I have weeks where I don't do at least three slow-to-moderate paced walks of one hour long walks, I gain wait or stay the same. Activity seems to be the difference when all other things are equal.

4) A University degree is your meal-ticket to a more prosperous job compared to any other level of post secondary education.


3) Working for a non-profit charitable or religious organisation means the employer will treat the employee better.

Let's just put it this way. There is a difference between doing God's work, and working for the Church. At the end of the day, you are still just an employee. An underpaid one at that.

2) T.V. Shows and Movies you loved as a child are just as good now.

I will argue over and over again that comedies/dramas were better "back in the day" then they are now. That is largely true. But truthfully, not every show has stood the test of time. I am looking at you Alf.

1) You will have the wedding of your dreams.

I loved getting married. I love my husband to death and back. But to clarify, I am referring to the actual wedding ceremony itself.

You can have all the images you want of the type of wedding you will have growing up. The type of dress. The colour choices. Where you will go. Who you will have as your attendants. What your first song will be.

Then you meet the guy. And oh, he has a large family who he is close to. So there goes the "wedding in Banff" idea. That fall wedding you dreamed of becomes a summer wedding to accommodate your teacher friends and out-of-town guests. The colours you want, you can't find. The dress you want you can't find because that is not the style. Things are more expensive then you anticipated, so there goes the chair covers and big centerpieces. One of your attendant dies/moves/get's pregnant. Your mom/mother-in-law have their own wish lists. He can't stand the song you like. The reality of what you have budgeted doesn't match the reality of the true cost of getting married. The list goes on. And on. And on.

You can still have a dream-wedding. But, like the rest of your married life, be prepared for compromise.

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Ren said...

Hee hee, I think Jo is the only one that keeps to the "schedule". I didn't have anything to say about this list, so I didn't do this one.

Weird that the Weight Wise Clinic doesn't see the value of activity for weight loss. WW does want you to "move more", but only after you have established better eating habits. SP is all about the combo of exercise and eating right. I too find that I need to do something, or I won't see the numbers budge.

I have two University Degrees - and neither of them is related to the business/publishing world I work in. Whatever.

Some TV Shows/Movies are still awesome - others are not.

I think all of us have things we wish we could change about our weddings. I still wish I had a video, and that I fought harder to have teal as a colour. You at least had an awesome groom, lol.

Love ya!

Jo said...

Totally agree about the whole exercise thing -- it's a must.

By the way, Karen's comment about you having a better groom? Hilarious!