2 October 2010

Scale vs. Dani.

The cruelest invention ever created by man was the personal scale. It is a dieters tool of torment. It can deliver great news sometimes, but more times than not it delivers awful news to the user. The scale is some sort of evil truth telling prophet. You are faced with the truth about yourself every time you step on one.

A few weeks ago, I stepped on the scale and this is how it initially responded:

It further went on to say that I was:

So now it is a battle of wills. A battle to show the scale that I can lose weight. That I can get into shape. That I can fight the scale and win.

In all fairness to the scale though, it did send me this message before I stepped on:

And hopefully as I battle the scale, I will remember that I am still awesome, even if the scale wins sometimes.


Cori said...

Your scale is wise. That is an excellent message. (The last one, I mean.)

Joanna said...

Very cool post! Here's hoping the Biggest Loser scale offers you some positive encouragement as well!