13 February 2013

Ash Wednesday: Frailties

Source: CNS via saltandlighttv.org
Today was the first day of my giving up Facebook and Twitter for Lent. So far, so good. My morning habit took some adjustment. Salt & Light Catholic TV has a great app that I downloaded, for free, that is filled with many great spiritual reflections and programs. I'll give the full update tomorrow of day one.
"Remember that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return." ~ Genesis 3:19
Ash Wednesday (and by extension, Lent) can be a time of great human frailty. It's easy to point out the people in the community who have frailties and vulnerabilities (homeless, elderly, etc...). It's a lot harder for us (the strong, the independent) to admit our vulnerabilities and needs, especially to God. We are reminded that we are built by God's dust...and will return to that state through the will of God alone.

Today I had the opportunity to watch the final Mass of Pope Benedict XVI. I was struck by his frailty ... and of his strength.

In light of what I watched, I pondered my own frailties before God.

Am I strong enough to withstand a social-media fast? Am I strong enough to be a mother? Am I the best wife I can be? Am I healthy enough? Will my Sarcoid ever come back? My memory is getting shaky - should I be worried? Have I been the kind of friend that my friends deserve? Am I good enough at what I do in my job? Will I be able to take care of my mother? Am I truly taking care of myself? Am I a good enough Catholic? Have I been faithful in word and deed to my faith? Am I worthy enough to untie the sandals of Jesus, or enter the Kingdom of God? Am I good enough?

Pope Benedict XVI reminded me of three basic and simple things:
  1. Believe in God
  2. Pray to God
  3. Trust in God
Like him, I am simply a humble worker in vineyard of the Lord. If I live my life as authentically as I can, God will nourish me through the Eucharist. The defeat of spiritual frailty is in the Eucharist. The defeat of the Eucharist is sin. The choice of how I want to live in my earthly body is mine alone. I can choose to accept that I will simply turn into dust. Or I can boldy accept that my soul, if nurtured, has a better place to go upon death.

 The clouds say I am nothing, but my humility says I am nothing without you.
Litanty of the Saints (in Latin).



Joanna said...

Hey, I'm only just seeing this post now.... but I'd say you're doing great without the distractions of social media -- I mean, you've already made it a week!

I'm hoping your perspectives on life have already improved because of this. And not to worry -- you are doing more than okay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dani! Just checking in. I wish I had even a modicum of the self-control you have. I'm holding things down here and we're all looking forward to when you come back (but don't come back until Lent is over, no pressure you can do it!)