27 February 2013

Random Wednesday Blog: Squirrel!

Hi faithful readers of five!

Just though I would toss out some random stuff today, as my brain cannot seem to formulate a complete blog post. Such is the way of the squirrel.

Brace yourself for a silly blog post.

1) Pope Benedict XVI gave his last general audience today. If the thought of him leaving makes you sad, then you can drink your sorrows away with Pope Beer!

Warning: consumers of this product may start seeing apparitions of Mary.
2) The odds of U2's Bono being elected pope are 1000/1. I'd put my money on squirrel pope personally.
Pope Squirrelus XVIII

3) Week two of my social media Lent fast, and I'm starting to feel like I'm stranded in the desert. The temptation to give up is strong.
Tempt me not Lucifer Squirrel!
4) But alas, I will persevere...
5) To be honest, February has been filled with the meh's. Sigh. I want winter to be over. I am trying to cheer myself up. Just yesterday, I did an epic air-guitar solo to Phil Collin's Something in the Air Tonight.

But were you as good as Phil Squirrlen's?

But I swear it was an epic air guitar set!
6) So, wearing a pink t-shirt will stop bullying you say? Hmm. Interesting. While I get why things like these can help spread the message, let's stop and ask:
  • Am I, the pink t-shirt wearer, a bully myself? 
  • Does wearing a t-shirt make the victim feel better about themselves, knowing that tomorrow, the pink t-shirts will be stained with bullshit brown, as bullies resume their bullying, and sheeple resume their silence?
  • Does standing up for a certain group of people to defend them or promote their rights (sexual orientation, race, gender, political ideology, religious (or lack there of) belief) while spreading hatred against others (sexual orientation, race, gender, political ideology, religious (or lack there of) belief) make you a warrior or a bully? 
  • Is this just another hashtag campaign? (Click the hyperlink to read my thoughts on those).
 I don't know if a t-shirt will really have a lasting change beyond the hyper-attention to the day. Do we we need to wear a t-shirt to be respectful of others? Can't that just happen in your everyday life, regardless of what t-shirt you wear?

Soldier squirrel knows how to stop bullies.
Well that's it for today. Until later...oooh..shiny thing! Squirrel!

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