23 May 2010

Eighties Song Saturday

A day late..but whatever. Anyways, growing up in the Eighties in Canada, you can't escape the power that was Gowan. Lawrence Gowan was a fixture on Canadian radio. This particular song has a special memory for me. Do you ever have a song that stands out because of a childhood vacation?

Well when we went to Sparwood B.C. to visit family, this song was on the radio all the time. I particularly remember it when we would drive between Calgary and Sparwood, past the Buffalo jumps.

Anyways, I present this weekend's song choice: Moonlight Desires by Gowan.

1 comment:

OptimistK said...

Oh I LOVED this song. We also used to listen to a lot of Strange Animal - as it reminded us of Mulder in X-files. LOL.