14 May 2010

Things that make me mad: Werewolves.

First let me put a huge geek disclaimer out there: I am an adult fan girl.
Let me disclaim one more thing: I love Vampire stories.
Final Disclaimer: This may very well be the lamest thing I have ever posted on my blog.

I am not going to get into why or how I am what I am. My theory is that it goes back to some young girl unrequited fantasy about Labyrinth. Every young girl born in the mid to late 70's had a tween crush on Jareth (played deliciously by David Bowie) and was crushed when Sarah did not end up with the Goblin King. But I digress.

So anyways, I am this huge geek of all things Vampire lately. It started off innocently enough with Twilight. I then moved on to True Blood. Then, just when I thought I was sick of the genre, out comes Vampire Diaries which blows my mind away each week.

But there is this trend that is starting to piss me off about this whole genre. It's not enough that this fictional town has VAMPIRES roaming the earth. But then they have to go in and introduce WEREWOLVES!!!! Why? Why does every single vampire movie/book/TV show need to include werewolves? WHY?

In folklore, vampires never had much interaction with werewolves and there was nothing to indicate that they even hated each other even if they interacted. Vampires were vampires. Werewolves were werewolves and the twine did not cross. Even in the 90's, when we were under the spell of all things Anne Rice, there was no mention of werewolves.

But lately (and I blame Twilight for this) it's Vampires vs Werewolves for the love of the human girl. In Twilight, there was not enough angst in Bella's life just liking Edward, a vampire. So let's just add a whole pack of werewolves! O.K. Fine. It was original.

But then True Blood, which survived two seasons without werewolves (although there were other mystical characters) is introducing a werewolf which is slated to be the new love interest for Sookie (who already has a Vampire boyfriend, is fantasizing about another Vampire, and whose boss that loves her is a shape shifter who turns into a dog, when she herself might be a fairy). Why? Why is this necessary? Is there not enough odd ball things on the show, then you have to go ruin it with a werewolf?

Then on Vampire Diaries, they are alluding to the fact that there are characters who are possible werewolves (or some hybrid of that and a vampire).

Can a bitch not just get a show with Vampires only? I don't want werewolves. Give them their own bloody show. Leave my vampires alone! And why do they have to be the "love interest" of the girl already with a Vampire?

And do you know how many times I have gone to the teen fiction or romance part of a bookstore, picked up a supernatural themed book, got all excited, only to read the description and see the world Vampire and Werewolf.

Enough already!!! And if they are including another "mystical" creature, can't they do something original? How about Vampire vs. Fairy? Vampire vs. Warlock?

So there. I ranted. I feel better that I got this off my chest. It's a good thing I still mad love two of the three shows mentioned (TB and VD) that I will tolerate this blemish on the show. But I swear on a pair of hooker boots, this has got to stop or I will be even madder. And goodness knows we don't want that. :P


Rebecca on The Homefront said...

Well, if this was a lame blog, count me in for a lame comment. ;) You know, I was going to be a little perturbed about you posting a rant on werewolves (for obvious reasons), but I think you make a very good point. Not to mention, these vampires AND werewolves have been effectively neutered by these stories. The monsters of lore wouldn't have "fallen in love" with a human, they would have ravaged her and kept on moving.

But that's me starting a scholarly rant for another day. ;) ITA, Dani, let them find their own show (that no one will watch, 'cause who really watches werewolves all by themselves?) Hah!

Dani said...

Yes! They have both been neutered! And a chick like Bella would have been lunch! However,you asked who would watch werewolves all by themselves? *raises hand*. Because I'm just geeky and fan girl enough to do so.

OptimistK said...

Well let me add my own 2 cents . . .

I loved the mixture of werewolves and vampires in Buffy and Underworld - really well done. I even like how they team up in the Twilight series.

But I hate how the combination seems to be the "in" thing.

Did you ever watch those 6 or so episodes of Wolf Lake? That was pretty good for a just werewolf focused show.

I also think the people that created Kindred: The Embraced are kicking themselves - in 1996 this show failed - if it was today, it would be a huge hit.