28 July 2009

Oooh my aching back.

This weekend I ignored the pain signals my body was giving me. I ignored the pain in my body when I was wearing heels for 6 hours at church. I ignored the pain in my body when I swam 30 laps at the pool. I ignored the pain in my body that came when I was standing in swealtering heat wearing black work clothes. I ignored the pain in my body when I was trying on clothes and my hips were crying.

So finally, my body fought back. It said enough was enough. And as a result, I have a lower back muscle strain.

I first knew something was wrong when I woke up on Monday and could barely get up. I couldn't walk more than baby step paced to the bathroom. The stairs almost made me cry. I couldn't put on my pants without doing some sort of dirty dancing inspired shuffle.

Now on any given pain day, I would have stayed home. But with me the only one here, that's not an option unless I'm physically in the ER. So I shuffled slowly to work in tears. Sat painfully at my desk for hours. Couldn't move. Couldn't think. Couldn't function. All I knew was pain.

My boss was sympathetic. He got the mail. He got my lunch. He got me a coffee. That might be the only sympathy I get all year, but I digress...

Oh..and did I mention I was high on 1600 mg of pain pills?!!!!!

So I finally got to see the goddess that is Sian Williams, my chiro. She fixed me up fairly ok. And by fairly ok, I mean that I could take toddler steps. But I felt better. Today I'm sore again.

Sadly, my prescription is to walk (schwaaa?), drink water (ewwww) and put ice packs on my back (which later becomes dinner).

I yearn for the days when noone knew what to do so the diagnosis was bed rest and bon-bons. I could be watching Y&R as we speak.

On the plus side, I did get a kick-ass water pillow, which is my new lover. Best night of sleep I've had all year (well minus the back pain).

So there's no point to my blog. I think I might shuffle over and buy Season 2 of Rescue Me (which i promise to blog about the show soon)....or maybe a book. But I just wanted to share my pain with the hopes of getting much sympathy and love. :)


Rebecca on The Homefront said...

Ooooooh, that sounds horrible! *much sympathy and love!*

Anonymous said...

Feel better! And by "feel better," I mean stay at home and watch Y&R!