22 February 2010

British Monday: Footie!

It has always been a dream of mine to go to a soccer/English Football game. Ever since I saw my first game in 1992, I have been a mad avid fan of Team England. Of course, this is me. So you know that hot men folk largely determines my interest in any sport. And I have to say, you want sexy, go watch a soccer game on a hot day when they strip off their shirt....oh..wait..what was I saying? Check out Hunky McHunkerson (aka Michael Owen who btw, happens to be Canadian born)..

Where was I again? Let me wipe my drool.....

It is well known that English Football is like Canadian Hockey...avid fans/backseat critics/the occasional drunk lunatic. English fans tend to take the lunatic thing to the extreme, with their riots and general bawdiness.

I know that football can be considered somewhat boring. I mean, you watch guys one from one side to the other kicking a ball...and at the end, in theory, you could have a nil-nil match. Where is the fun in that?

But there is a nuance to the sport. There is a finesse. A certain sense of athleticism. Plays that become legendary. Fakes and "fake injuries" that would rival any soap opera. And add to that the general atmospher of thousands singing their team song, known by heart, in key, at the same time, repeatedly? Sure beats any other sporting event I have attended.

I'm going to leave you with a funny comedy sketch...hehehe.


Theresa said...

OMG Michael Owen looks dee-lish now he's grown up a lil... definitely *do-able*! :D

Mark said...

Oi behave yourself woman! LOL