21 February 2010


I have been waiting for SO LONG to have my England week. I love the British. Not exactly a state secret, but there are so many things I love about England. I've never actually been to England, but one can dream. I guess growing up in Canada, part of the Commonwealth, we have closer ties to the mother country. We spell the same, use the same imperial measurements, and there are British programs on the tele. Squeee.

So for the upcoming week, I will talk about various things. But for now, i will leave you with my DILF *Daddy I'd like to F**K!*. I am a bit embarassed in some ways because I recognize that he is not exactly sexy to most people. But he's so sexy to me. It is CHEF GORDON RAMSAY.

I never used to like him, until I saw his show "The F Word" that shows him in a much gentler light. Maybe it's because I LOVE FOOD. But I have his recipe book and I have become a much better cook. He's so simple in his approach. And anyone that can teach me anything at my age, I love even more.

So stay tuned for more British posts coming up!

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