13 February 2010

That's What I Love About Sundays

So it's technically Sunday, even though I have not gone to sleep and it's been a full hour since my last blog. Whaaatever. Inspired by Craig Morgan, I am going to post the things I love about this particular Sunday.

  1. Today I am going to visit Mom. I love my mom. I truly do. She is my rock. She is my everything. And I miss her when I don't see her often. So early in the morning, I am going to head over and cook breakfast for her to show off my new cooking techniques.
  2. But there is of course a underlying motivation to visit mom. NASCAR season starts today (wahooooooo) and mom has the Speed Channel. LOL.
  3. NASCAR starts with the Daytona 500. I love restrictor plate racing. So I am glad they start off the season with this race.
  4. The men of Nascar. Lots and lots and lots of hot men. Swoon. Dale Earnhardt Jr, Martin Truex, Elliot Sadler, Kasey Khane, Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards...the list goes on. Mmm.
  5. Umm...did I mention NASCAR? Yah..I'm seriously happy. It was a LOOONNNGG Winter.
  6. I am committed again to weight loss and have decided to start tomorrow. Now that I know how to operate the DVD player at the house I am cat sitting at, I can plug in the workout videos and go to town. Also thought about doing the hill climb near this place. Little steps.
  7. The fact that it is a long weekend so I can sleep in on Monday.
  8. My aunt Shauna is tentatively coming over for dinner, where I can show her once again my culinary techniques.
  9. The laziness of Sundays. They just feel awesome.
  10. I hope to finally start tackling some of my reading to do lists. Just have to decide which book to start with.
So that's all she wrote folks. I'm off to bed now in anticipation of my lazy Nascar filled day!


Anonymous said...

I truly hope you had a splendid day with your mom, it is nice to hear of such a close special relationship! That in itself warms the heart, especially on Valentine's Day!

So excited for you in your new quest of culinary knowledge, show them what ya got girl!!

Happy V Day! xo

rhys said...

How the feck to I leave a fecking recipe on this blog I don't do bloggin' blogs ya tart