10 February 2010

5 things I love-

I decided to mix it up a bit today and post about things that make me feel happy. Because today I deserve to be happy. (Inspired by Joanne ...click on her blog in my links section on the side..."A Cup of Jo").

#5- Coldplay.

I love this band. No, they are not a cheap rip off of U2 or Radiohead. They have their own unique sound and arrangement. Check out this video of the song LOST featuring Jay-Z. This feels like my theme song lately.

#4- GOOP

Speaking of Coldplay, let me direct you to Mrs. Martin herself...Gwynneth Paltrow. Her site, GOOP, is my secret pleasure. I LOVE this site. It is nice to pretend, for just a few minutes everyday, that I could live a decadent life and go to posh hotels. I just find it far more enjoyable than I thougth it would be.

Watch her make a chicken. She isn't pretentious in her approach, and I find lately I've been exploring my culinary side, so this is what I would do! And she makes it seem like I could too.

#3- Matthew Goode

I first saw Matthew in the movie Leap Year. And boy did I see him. He makes my toes curl.

# 2- Chocolate pudding.

I swear I have become an addict. I will make a family size portion and just eat it right out of the bowl. This is gluttony at it's worse, but it tastes SO GOOD.

#1- Vampire Diaries.

It is hardly a state secret that I am in love with this particular genre, but I have cooled off somewhat (bored of Twilight, True Blood is in the off season). But from little ashes rose such a gem of a show, that I can't help but be madly in love with Vampire Diaries. I was skeptical that this show would do well and would stand apart from the others. But it has become significantly better as the season has progressed. And a large part of it is due to Ian Sommerhalder who plays Damon, so deliciously well. But the rest of the actors hold their own too.


Karen said...

Mmmm eating chocolate pudding while listening to coldplay sounds like a great way to relax.

Cori said...

a) You've never seen Matthew Goode in a movie before? That's unpossible. But he is lovely.

b) I loved the Gwyneth Paltrow link! She does a very good impression of Nigella without actually seeming like she's trying to. And it was nice to see her looking kind of normal but still beautiful.

Dani said...


And Cori...I really dont think I have. I mean, surely I would remember someone as lovely as he?

Have you gone to her website as well Cori? (goop.com). Well anyways, you can subscribe and when she posts,it is emailed in full to our e-mail. It's my awesome moment of the day when one comes in because she only posts like once a week, every two weeks, if that?

Joanna said...

The goop video was cool! But, seriously, doesn't she have "people" who do that sort of thing for her?? :)

Dani said...

One would think. So i tried a variation of said recipe and it was awesome.