13 February 2010

Secret Gem: The Zac Brown Band

Anyone who reads my facebook page will be sick of the frequency in which I post my love for the Zac Brown Band! But seriously, these guys are the best band I have heard in quite some time. You cannot fake raw talent. They can be fun and goofy. Or they can be intensely serious. Have a listen.

My favourite song: Highway 20 Ride.

I find this song amusing: TOES

Makes me want to move to the South: Chicken Fried



Carolina Girl said...

Ok, seriously. Nascar and Zac Brown. Are we long lost sisters?!?!?! hahaha LOVE this song!!!!!!!

Dani said...

I know! When I read your blog the other day I was like "is this my southern twin?". LOL

Joanna said...

Hey Dan -- you missed the video for "Whatever it is". :)

Steve calls that the "Deviled Eggs Song" because he thinks the main chorus sounds like, "She's got my deviled eggs" rather than, "She's got whatever it is."

lol... seriously

Dani said...

The only reason why I missed it was because I couldn't immediately find it. LOL>

Dani said...

LOL. And Steve's a goober.