30 March 2009

Catch-up Post #1: Weight Loss Wednesday- Ducks and more ducks.

I know I could wait until this Wednesday to post this, but it bears being said right now.

On Tuesday's episode of The Biggest Loser, Kristen, who started at over 350 pounds, became the first girl to loose over 10O pounds! Amazing. For those people (like me sometimes) who thinks it is hopeless and feel helpless, watch this girl on this show. How can one not be inspired by that?


I was talking to my co-worker today. She is basically doing the position I started here with. And as the time progresses, she is turning into...well ...me. You know, you start off all happy go lucky. Then the company starts sucking the life out of you. The next thing you know, you are bitter, angry, resentful and in general misery.

But my background story is that when I was on the desk, I had this rubber duck with horns on it (and camo gear because that's how I roll). Anyways, when I was pissed off (which was almost every hour of the day), I would put this duck on my computer. And soon, people got to know that if the duck was up, then to tread carefully.

Soon, I grew confident (or careless?) enought to express how I was feeling, and the duck went into a drawer, only to be pulled out when it is time to better not say anything at all.

So anyways, said co-worker is walking down the path that I took and she goes, in an act of resigned desperation, "at least I don't have a duck". And I reply "we all have our ducks, even if you can't see them".

So what's the point to my story? Is that we all have our ducks. We all have that one thing that expresses how we feel that we associate with to describe our emotion. And it is easier to showcase the duck than to just come out and say what bothers you. It's easier for someone to come by my desk and see the duck, then to come out and ask me how I feel. And it's easier for me to have the duck express how I feel but am weighed down by misery to say.

Weight loss is as much the emotional journey. And the journey starts with some small step. So pull out your duck. Whatever it may be. Let people know. Because only when you acknowledge that you have a duck will you be able to work on expressing what the duck stands for.

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The Homefront said...

Back when hubby was home, my "ducky" was a hat. I have a ballcap with a picture of a tree and "i need a hug" embroidered over it. It's supposed to be a tree-hugger hat, but I co-opted it for days when I was ready to scream...hubs would walk in the door, see the hat on, and know just what to do: give me hug and say something to make me smile.

We could all use such a ducky. I love your style. ;)