20 March 2009

Do it today: Motivation and the Journey forward.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
It's never too late to try
What have you done today to make you feel proud?
You could be so many people
If you make that break for freedom
What have you done today to make you feel proud?

We need a change
Do it today
I can feel my spirit rising
We need a change
So do it today
Cause I can see a clear horizon
What have you done today to make you feel proud?

"If you really take care of yourself, your body will take care of you". ~Bob Harper.

What steps do we take to make our weight loss goals a reality? In yesterday's blog, I spoke about the pitfalls of relying solely on motivation, specifically from others. But today, I wanted to focus on how we can use motivation as a source of strength.

In thinking of what to write today, I was going to come up with ideas. But when I started writing, I realized I was about to fall in the same trap that inspired this post in the first place. I realized that I cannot tell or force my ideas on others. That the things that might motivate me, may not work for others. And if I argue that our role is to inspire our friends instead of motivate our friends, then I bloody well couldn't just sit here and tell people how to motivate themselves.

So what do I write about then? How do I take the idea of motivation and move forward?

Then it hit me. Like someone going to McGyver to fix them out of a jam, I need to go to my McGyver. My person that can explain things in a way that makes sense to me. So who is my McGyver? Well, it all comes back to Bob..... Bob Harper that is.

It's not exactly a state secret that I LOVE BOB HARPER. And who better to talk about motivation then Bob Harper. View this and I will continue on.

What can we learn from Bob?

  • Don't just sit back and wonder, get out and inquire
  • Give it a try, and allow yourself to take part in the journey.
  • Success is often found when you least expect it, but never found if you don't at least try.
  • There is nothing wrong with travelling down a different road on your journey, whether it be by choice or by circumstance. If we keep taking the interstate, we end up missing the sights along the way.
  • Even if you find success, that doesn't mean you have to settle for just that. Always seek your calling or allow yourself to have your calling seek you.
  • Are you ready? Yes you are. The next step is to just do.

By the way, the song at the top is an excerpt from the song Proud, which is the theme song of the Biggest Loser. No better words to get you started, eh?


*Tomorrow I will unveil "Shoot the Shit Saturday", my post of random, light hearted stuff to end the week*


Anonymous said...

Although the delicious Bob didn't say this, I think it fits perfectly with your posts from the last few days:

"The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body."

-- Harry J. Johnson

I don't know about you, but I am all about finding these successful adjustments he speaks about, lol.

Dani said...

Great quote Joanne. If only my body could adjust to good things easier and not so readily adjust to bad things.

Seriously... why is it that my body can readily adjust to the crap I put in it like cakes and stuff...but can't adjust to when I put better stuff in it (like fruit). You would think that if one piece of cake can add 5 pound, then 1 piece of fruit should loose 5 pounds. Ha ha.