17 March 2009

Frost my Lucky Charms...or why I really love the Irish.

So this should come as no surprise to anyone a complete surprise to all my friends that my number one reason why I love the Irish is because of Irish men!

Yes, I understand that they are drunken frankies who blow the dole on beer. And yes, Irish men are not exactly known for being the most responsible, caring men.
*look at me being all judgemental and pandering to common cultural stereotypes...but if the shoe fits....*

All that aside, they are my weakness. Irish men are my Chris Brown to Rhianna. No matter what wrongs against me, I keep wanting more.

I need to look deep into my childhood, with my evil protestant ways to understand why I love Irish men. And like all parts of my life, this obsession can be traced to my babysitter...the television.

So here is a sampling of Irish yummies:

Daniel Day Lewis. He was the first of a long list of Irish men who I just loved. He shows such a passion for the craft, one can only hope it translates to passion somewhere else. And all girls love passionate men right?

Robert Carlyle: I have no earthly explanation for my love of this odd character. I just do.

Jonathan Rhys Myers: I would tap him all day long. Today, tomorrow, forever.


****Disclaimer: Not all Irish men are hot. As the joke above implies, I google searched Shane McGowan to "get the joke"...and sadly, I do. Enjoy.

I was going to end with an Irish blessing, but then I got this e-mailed to me and it made me laugh. I played it 27 times at work. So enjoy Riverdance Bears!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for not including Michael Flatley on this list. He kinda scares me, you know. Crazy-ass rubber limbs flailing all about...

Now as for those dancing bears, VERY cute. If only I could look so adorable when I'm feeling extra round like them. (* See previous comments about arm fat and the dreaded rear view.... *shudder*)

Anonymous said...

PS - I'm of no relation to this Shane MacGowan character, lol.

Clearly he comes from the renegade stock of McGowans who were banished from the clan and forced to change their name to MacGowan instead.

You know, so no one would mistake us for kin.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Anonymous said...

Totally love Irish men too! Just give me a redheaded Irishman, muscular not from the gym but from working a greener than green field, with an accent so strong I really don't understand anything he says...

Sorry. Got carried away. Love 'em!

Dani said...

Ha ha both of you.