30 March 2009

U-Choose Friday- Tales of a Pigsty.

As we have already established, I am a procrastinator. I will work under duress and am the queen of the last-minute-all-nighter deadline. I can honestly say that some of my best work is under the gun.

But the downside to procrastation is that it painfully outlines my inherent laziness. And there is no more evidence of this laziness then in my house.

I don't want to say such menacing words such as "war-zone" or "disaster area" but well....let's just say that my house has currently been declared "Operation Free the Beaver".

*Warning: Mini-Confessional Time*
I have too much clothes.

There, I said it. The fat girl in me wants to keep the skinny clothes. The skinny girl is fearful of having a roasted marshmallow icecream breakdown, so wants to keep the fat clothes. The in-between girl wants to buy more clothes to compensate for some crazy childhood issue. The hoarder wants to keep the clothes "just in case". The purger wants to purge the stuff that doesn't belong to her.

So thus, everything piles up. And it becomes overwhelming. I am trying to do the small things everyday hoping it adds up. Like this week I took down my mammoth of a desk. It had more screws than my entire sexual life. But I didn't immediately buy a new desk, so now I have computer bits scattered all over.

Two steps forward...one back.

And the funny thing is that every once in a while I get all inspired, and I purge like a banshee with no regret. But then my follow throw action? Replace crap with more crap.

House cleaning for me is a bit like weightloss. Good intentions interupted by fear of success and then ultimate failure.

Any pointers from the clean at heart?

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Anonymous said...

My housecleaning pointer:

Pick one area of the house (example: your desk, the bathroom, your closet) and get that completely tidy and organized before moving on to the next pile.

Sounds simple enough, but if you're anything like me, you'll start cleaning one area... only to turn around and see something else that needs tidying... so then you abandon the first pile and start on that other pile.... and before you know it, you're overwhelmed by multiple piles of overflowing crap... so then you abandon ship all together and just take a nap instead, so you've really only managed to create an even bigger mess by scattering even more crap all about and not putting anything away after all.

So set smaller goals that are achievable, rather than trying to take on too much all at once.

Now if only I could take my own advice....