15 March 2009

My Intro Blog! (*cough* lame *cough)

Welcome to my blog. My lame awesome new page where I divulge with you the random thoughts that occur to me in this crazy life. Now granted, I will not ever be as brilliant as my new friend Junior. It's my favourite blog (check it out). But hopefully I will be able to post my own random thoughts on all topics, but not limited to:
  • Random musings
  • My life and all its' failings exciting moments.
  • Reality TV (a trainwreck that I firmly ride)
  • Music, Literature, Movies, and other general leisure pursuits
  • My Catholic Conversion journey
  • Shoot the shit about anything, really

So enjoy and I hope to post daily; or at least as often as I can being that I am a women of independant means (read: one paycheque away from complete and utter destitution).


1 comment:

Reese said...

I look forward to joining you on this crazy ride.

Fun Fact: 'blog' is a contraction of the term 'weblog'.